By ordering services from Howie Le (HL) you agree to the following Service Agreement for digital images and services.  Behind the policies is a commitment to produce the best images possible.  From booking to delivery, we want your experience in working with us to be positive to help better market your business.

All prices listed reflect residential property shoots for the MLS in North Dallas/service area.  Any property outside of this service area is subject to additional cost - based on travel time.

Cancellation Policy:  HL understands that homes may not be ready for shooting as expected when the package was scheduled.  It is the responsibility of the listing agent/scheduling person to let us know as soon as possible if the home will not be ready so that the shoot can be rescheduled.  There is a $40 charge for any cancellation/reschedule within 4 hours of scheduled time.     

Weather Policy:  There are bound to be times that services are ordered but cannot be completed due to weather. In those circumstances, the decision about shooting is up to the listing agent/scheduling person, at the photographers discretion.  If no notice is given, we will assume the scheduled shoot will proceed.  During inclement weather, if the scheduling person chooses to shoot only interior, outdoor photos can be taken on a better weather day. 2nd trip fee is $60. Reschedules are subject to availability.

Payment Policy:  Payments are processed through Paypal or Venmo.  We can also accept cash/checks payments on location.  All checks must be made payable to 'Howie Le'.  Payment is due before images are provided. Investment detail: 

36 images - $140      25 images - $125       20 images - $115
$10 Daylight to virtual twilight single image     
Exterior only (up to 6 images) $75
Grass greening - $5 per image

Trip Fee:  Additional costs my apply to anything outside of  our current service area.  Additional costs are based on availability and transit time.  Please contact us for investment detail.

Images:  Please save your images/image files immediately, upon delivery.  Please back up your images on a hard drive.  Your original image files may be deleted at the discretion of HL at any time after 1 year.

Limitations:  It is the agent’s responsibility to ensure that the listing is ready to be photographed at the arranged time. HL does not handle any cleaning, dusting, or moving of furniture.  Though, small items may be moved to make the images looks their best.  Personal photos inside the property may be blurred to protect the seller or business if visible.  The homeowner shall ensure that there are no hazards to the photographer’s safety.  The photographer will work with scheduling person/agent and/or homeowners/tenants with regard to pets in the home.  The photographer is not a pet wrangler.  Generally, we will photograph the property as is at the discretion of the photographer.  We do not usually include utility rooms or closets.  But, if you would like to included these spaces, please let us know when reserving our services.  Properties are shot as is.  If we feel the property/location is unsafe, we have the right to deny our services. Please pass along this link to your clients:  How to prepare your home

Copyright Notice:  The photographer who has taken an image is the copyright holder of the image.  The copyright of an image is not transferred to any other party unless a specific written agreement is made. Licensing may be obtained for various applications of images, please contact us for more details. 

The original scheduling person or business who paid for our service, has permission to use these images on any electronic or printed form of advertisement for the promotion of that property.  We do not allow listing agents to give owners of a property a copy of the images for personal use without prior expressed verbal or written consent.  Builders, staggers, designers and others who wish to use images taken by HL should contact us for licensing information.  Images cannot be sold to another agent who takes over an expired or withdrawn listing.  Failure to pay for the images will result in a copyright infringement/violation. You will be asked to remove the image from any electronic or printed form of advertisement. Failure to stop using them will result in NTREIS notification or legal action.

Clients who purchase the services of HL have shared usage rights to all images for a full year or until the property is sold.  We require full payment for digital files before (unless specified other) the delivery of (via cash, check, credit, or account payment). No service order will be fulfilled until paid in full.  HL reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any session due to photographer illness, personal emergency, or inclement weather.  If a shoot cannot be rescheduled due to photographer cancellation, we will refund your paid service.  If your shoot is not confirmed before 12:00 am/midnight the day of your session, that session may not get confirmed and therefore needs to be rescheduled.  Images may not be posted without payment.  Please back up all digital copies of your photographs in 1-2 places.  We recommend an external hard drive or flash drive, as well as online/cloud storage.  HL will make every effort to retain your files for up to 1 week from the date of your session.  

Photographs taken for a client cannot be passed on to another person should the seller wish to change real estate agents unless the contracting client was the seller.  We are fully committed to providing the best service possible to our customers.  We are extremely flexible on how our customers use our images. We want to work with you to meet your needs.  All we ask is that you discuss any transfer of medium with us before doing so.  Additional cost my apply.

Commercial Businesses:  The company/person who paid for our service has unlimited shared rights to use the property image for any electronic  or printed form of advertisement for the promotion of that property.  Only re-sized images (for web use) can be shared online.  Full resolution images (for print) can not be transferred or shared.

Discounts and promotions:  These are good for new clients on single residential properties.  Referral discounts total $10 off a 36 image property shoot once a 36 image property shoot from your referral is completed.  Discounts are only good one per referral.

It is important that each property is ready to be photographed at the scheduled appointment time. It should take no longer then 30 to 45 minutes to photograph a property with an average of 2500 sq. ft.  And, up to 90 minutes for homes over 4000 sq. ft.  Please inspect the home prior to the appointment time and make adjustments to ensure it is ready to be photographed.  If you will not be able to have the home ready by the appointment time you can make the choice to have the home photographed as is, you may call and reschedule the appointment at least 4 hours prior to appointment time. 

Images are available within 24 hours, starting at the end time of the property shoot. With exception to design and commercial shoots.

We do the best we can to ensure color accuracy and white balance.  Though, with all interior spaces, mixed lighting can cause certain light sources to look too yellow, blue, green, or red.  This is normal in digital photography as it doesn't always give a true representation of light.

WITHOUT EXCEPTION, all prints, products, and digital files provided by HL are protected under copyright of HL. This copyright is non-transferable. Purchase of prints, products, or digital files does NOT signify a transfer of ownership of any copyrights. Please also adhere to the U.S. Copyright Act, in your usage of photographic prints and products, outlined below:

The U.S. Copyright Act (Title 17, United States Code) is designed to protect photographers and other artists by granting them the exclusive right to distribute, copy, edit and publish their photography by license, transfer, or sale. The Copyright Act prohibits anyone from copying, scanning, editing or sharing photographic prints, images, or media without the written permission of the photographer. Violation of the Copyright Act can incur both civil and criminal penalties.

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All images are the property of Howie Le and may not be copied or reproduced without written consent.